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Cellular Interception Systems
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1. Cellular Interception  

2. IMSI Catcher and SMS sender

3. Mini Portable IMSI/IMEI catcher 


              1. Cellular Interception System


  • Totally undetectable by the operator and by the user.  
  • Intercepts and records all outgoing and incoming calls, voice and SMS.  
  • All target calls are registered in the Mobile Operator billing systems.
  • Pass the caller ID to the target mobile phone.
  • All traffic (voice and data) is encrypted in the air.
  • Multi Mobile Operators functionality.
  • Easy change of Mobile Operator by changing only a parameter.
  • Interception distance up to 1Km.
  • Interception operation setting in less than 30 seconds.
  • Correlation tools to detect targets.
  • Analysis tools to search for events.
  • VPN configuration allows operation in different locations and common control center.
  • Remote silent activation of a target to operate with GSM DF systems.
  • Remote operation – controlling of interception mission via Internet.
  • Target communication manipulation.
  • Block, redirect or change information to or from the target.
  • Change SMS content.
  • Voice call manipulation.

See interception systems pdf


2. IMSI catcher and SMS sender

See Operational overview PDF

The system ensures selection of subscribers (targets) according to known IMSI or/and IMEI identifications. Furthermore, it has the means of detection of such identifications according to the results of statistical processing of a list of registered subscribers.

The system cannot be detected by subscribers and providers. The system does not interfere with the external mobile GSM networks.

It requests mobile phones to introduce themselves, i.e. to send their identities – IMSI and IMEI. The system can be used in “Random” and “Target” mode.

Moreover, this device can send SMS to any of registered subscribers or to all subscribers, or chosen groups of subscribers.


       Additional applications for IMSI/IMEI GSM catcher:

· Jamming of communication (prisons);

· Presence verification;

· Rescue teams for communication with trapped people;

· Hostages

· Data Analysis;

· Direction Finding Support;

· Advertising;